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Floor treatment

We do any floor treatment with stripping of your floors with a monobrush as well as waxing, metallization, sanding of marble, vitrification of parquet, etc ...

These operations are essential to maintain the allure of these materials by giving them sparkle and luminosity.

Office cleaning

Office cleaning has become more than a traditional service consisting of vacuuming, emptying trash cans, and window cleaning ...
The hygiene and health of the personnel who work in a company are governed by strict standards, so it is advisable to contact cleaning companies such as ARCS-clean .

Window cleaning

Windows are surfaces through which you notice splashes, fingerprints and marks left by bad weather.
Whether it is office cleaning, industrial cleaning or residential cleaning.
Our team of technicians perform all types of window cleaning.

End of construction

The ARCS-clean company guarantees you a determined, neat and beautiful household with floor-to-ceiling asepsis. We work with a professional team of technicians after the renovation work to confirm cleanliness and impeccable hygiene for your partners and employees.

We put forward the following work: cleaning before opening and reopening of store, dusting of walls and floors, cleaning of offices, hoeing of traces of cement or paint and much more. We offer a high quality service while respecting safety standards.

Before / after event

Are you preparing the organization of an event and the venue needs to be refurbished?
Do you have to return the place to the state in which it was entrusted to you?

Our teams are available quickly and are equipped to meet these specific requests: vacuum cleaners, auto-washer, karcher, container, etc.

We ensure that the evening event is impeccable from the point of view of cleanliness.

Disinfection Covid-19

Disinfection of your premises, 100% effective against Covid-19. For establishments affected by Covid-19 that need to continue their activity For closed establishments that can reopen to the public with peace of mind

Specific cleaning?

We will react quickly and flexibly to your expectations.

More information ?

We are always available to answer your questions.